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Modified Bitumen

  • Modified Bitumen Roofing System

    A 2-ply SBS roof system, often known as Torch Down Modified Bitumen roof is gaining it’s foothold in the industry at quite a rapid pace. In this system, fiberglass or polyester material is pressed in the middle of two rubberized asphalt layers. This system is long-lasting and easy to install. The tradition roofing system of Modified Bitumen has five main components that can be layered in any combination. These components are:

    • Surfacing- It can be field or factory applied. It gives protection against harmful ultra violet radiation and different climatic conditions.
    • Adhesives- This gives waterproofing to the structure and is the sticking agent which is applied either hot or cold.
    • SBS or APP Modified Bitumen Membrane- A co-polymer bitumen sheet which is usually reinforced with fiberglass or polyester.
    • Insulation- Used for R-values and give stability to roof system with substrates.
    • Flashing- Makes the roof perimeter, projection and the equipment waterproof.
    To install a SBS flat roof sytem, proper training and experience is necessary to properly install Torch Down roofing system. If untrained workers are hired for such structures, the roof may fall after two years of installation. To avoid unwanted expense in a roof replacement, it is important to use applicators of highest standard. A 2-ply SBS roof system can be different from another and cost is not always the only parameter to judge the quality.








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